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get the facts - what to expect!

Cook dinner, rent a BBQ from us at AED50 per use includes charcoal, firelighters and fan.

Before we answer most questions regularly asked below, do understand that we are not a resort. We have an exclusive boutique-style Glampsite; we do not do brunches or  have restaurants.   We are all about our guests unwinding and getting away from the typical UAE trappings :) 

Is this a half/full board or self catering staycation?

Our bookings are totally self catering, this means that you provide all your own food, there are no restaurants, cafes or shops on site.  You cook for yourself or bring ready prepared food as well as all utensils, cups etc if required.

As you are self catering do I need to bring all my own items to cook/feed myself?

Yes you do, you need to bring your own food, plates, cups, cutlery, pans etc.  There is a refrigerator in your room to put your food in and a camp kettle on site.

Is there a supermarket close by in case I need anything?

There is Carrefours, Lulu and Grandiose close by 5-10 minutes away. 

You can also order online from Talabat Mart to deliver to the camp.

Can Talabat or other food/restaurants deliver to camp?

Yes, Talabat is now available for delivery to the camp for both supermarket goods and restaurant deliveries.  The drivers do not come on camp, they will meet you in the parking area.

What is the maximum capacity per accommodation?

Each can have up to 4 people except the "Couples Lodge" which is maximum 2 people.  Please do not ask us to increase this number, we will not due to health and safety and we do not wish to offend you with our answer.

Is the accommodation air conditioned?

Yes!  The tents, Wood Cabin and Lodge are air conditioned.  The Lodge and Wood Cabin are 100% insulated so is suitable all year round, all day.  The tents though are made of goat's hair and although they have A/C, in the summer months (July to August/September) they will not cool as well in the middle of the day so we offer them at half price in these months dependent on temperature,  and check in is after 5pm once the heat is less. 

Do I need to like and be comfortable around dogs to stay at RAK Glamping?

Yes you do, your hosts who live onsite have a Great Dane (60kg giant breed dog) and other guests will have dogs too.  If you do not like dogs then we strongly recommend you find an alternative staycation option where dogs are not present.  Our Glampsite is extremely popular with dog lovers throughout the UAE, this is a dog friendly location.

If I am camping and bringing my own tent is there a toilet and shower on site?

There is a shared "basic" shower block for our campers (not glampers) one male and one female toilet shower and changing room is on site for campers who bring their own tents.

How do I check availability and prices?

Click the "Check availability/Prices" button at the top of this page. Put in your required details and it will give you the pricing.  To check availability put in your required date to see what is shown, if nothing is shown, then there is no availability in any rooms on that date.

How can I cook whilst on site?

There is a large, re-cycled barrel BBQ and small coal BBQ on site, you can rent either for AED50 per use, this includes use of the BBQ, coal, fan, use of BBQ utensils (tongs etc) and firelighters, you can order this in advance during the booking process or book on arrival.  There are two gas rings available together with a Camp Kettle for cuppas.  Timings are flexible on the use of the BBQ's we ask that you liaise with fellow glampers on when to use.

Can I bring my own coal/travel BBQ?

Yes you can.  You MUST use it in the main BBQ area away from the tents/cabin and grass areas or agree with us where you can cook.

Is there a kitchen?

There is a kitchenette area on site with washing up liquid and hand soap available, you will need to bring your own dishcloth and sponge if needed.

Is there drinking water?

We have double-filtered tap water on site, although slightly salty (as it is de-salinated on site) it is perfectly OK to drink and is chilled also. We also have bottled water available (usual costs apply).

Do I need to bring any bedding? (Glamping only)

No you don't.  Your accommodation has full bedding, pillows and sheets.  If you have requested the Mothercare Travel Cot you need to bring your own bedding for this.

Do you provide towels and toiletries? (Glamping only)

We provide one towel per person, toiletries you will need to bring yourself, we do not use single use plastic for toiletries, we are eco-friendly and ask that you bring your own shower gel, shampoo etc. 

Will my shower/toilet room be private? (Glamping only)

Yes, each accommodation has its own private "Wet Room" (shower/toilet combined), there is no sharing with other guests. The shower blocks are not on-suite, each block is a few feet away from their respective rooms.

Is there a TV in the accommodation?

There are no TV's in any of the rooms.

Is there WiFi?

Unfortunately not, due to our location we now no longer have broadband available to us.

Are there children's activities?

We do not provide planned activities, being a campsite it is up to our guests to entertain and occupy their children, some of our suggestions include:

*Swimming Pool

*Treating our donkeys (bring some carrots and apples along).

*Bring along a football or badminton game, there is space to play these.

*Go for a walk across the dunes and explore the wild life and go bug hunting.

*Cook dinner together on the BBQ

*Cook marshmallows or S'mores on the fire pit.

*Go to the beaches just 10 minutes away

*Go to the beach, we have a dog friendly beach just 10 minutes drive away, ask for location.

*Trek up to the highest point in the UAE, Jebel Jais on the Hajjar Mountains.

Is there lighting on site in the evenings?

We recommend you bring a torch (flashlight), there are a few lights, a couple of solar lights and LED lights are brought out in the evenings, one on your patio table and some in the BBQ and Majilis area, otherwise we provide an atmospheric camp under the stars with limited lighting to keep a campsite ambience.  It is highly recommended to get an LED light pendant or collar for your dog to have on during the evening so you can see your dog easier.

Does it get cold at night?

The winter months do get cold, we have clocked 6 degree Centigrade in the winter of 2019 at night.  The cooler months are between November to February do bring along long trousers and long sleeved tops for the evenings as well as your Pj's! 

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes you can.  We welcome dogs.  As you would expect there are a few rules to follow:

We do not accept puppies under 6 months of age or female dogs on heat/in season, if you arrive with a young puppy or dog on heat you will be refused entry and your payment will not be refunded.

*Your dog MUST be sociable with other dogs and people, if not we will cancel your booking      without refund.

*Your dog MUST be vaccinated, please ensure you bring your dog's vaccination book.

*You MUST supervise your dog at all times inside and outside the accommodation.

*Control your dog at all times.

*Pick up poo after your dog.

*Discourage your dog from peeing up the side of the accommodation, encourage your dog to use the trees, bushes, grass, sand etc.

*You accept that we are not responsible for any accident that your dog has whilst on site.

You need to bring along your own dog bowls, bedding, dog food and recommended LED flasher on their collar for the evenings. 

Can my dog go inside the rooms?

Yes as long as he or she is fully toilet/potty trained "to go outside" (no puppy pads please) and does not chew.  Any damages will be required to be paid by you before check out.

If my dog is not sociable with other dogs or people can I still bring him or her?

All dogs who stay with us must be sociable with other dogs and people.  If you feel your dog is not sociable please call Neil (who is our Master Dog Trainer at Homely Petz) on 050 8717 073 before booking so we can check the issue and work with you to see how we can accommodate you, sometimes low season and weekdays are better for this, check with us first.

What is the maximum number of dogs I can bring?

We welcome up to 3 dogs per room for medium to giant breed/size dogs (the tents are recommended for this). If you have small or T-cup dogs then maximum 5 dogs, please remember that you must be able to control and supervise your dogs at all times whilst on camp.

Is there Veterinary Care close by?

Yes, we have great relationships with two veterinary clinics here, who will 24/7 answer our calls for any emergency.  One clinic is 5 minutes away, the other 20 minutes, house calls are available if booked in advance, ask us for details.

If I don't have a dog can I still come and stay?

Yes of course, we welcome everyone, please bear in mind this is a dog friendly location and dogs will be running freely off leash, be prepared to have dogs come up to you and play around you.   If you are not a dog person and don't want dogs to approach you then this is not the place for you, choose a non-dog friendly location instead.

Can I bring my cat or rabbit?

No, sorry we are a dog friendly stay only.  Due to clawing on furniture and litter tray "after smells" and little accidents in the rooms we do not permit small pets.  We do have our own feral, neutered cats but they are dog savvy and know where to run if a dog does decide to chase. We also have our own ginger, domestic cat, "Junior" who lives on site and lives in our home too, you may see her from time to time and is also street wise when it comes to dogs.... and super cuddly too :)

What is the minimum age allowed  for humans to Glamp?

We prefer to have infants above 6 months of age, the tents are not sound proof and to ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests especially overnight, we have decided not to allow babies younger than 6 months of age who  may still be waking up/crying during the nights.... sorry!  For mini-Glampers above 6 months of age we do have a Mothercare Travel Cot on site if you wish to book it.  For the A-Frame Cabin minimum age is 10 years old, due to its elevation.

Is there a swimming pool?

Yes we have a small infinity plunge pool, there is no lifeguard, so children 16 years and under are to be supervised without fail at all times when in the pool. Dogs are also allowed in the pool with their owners supervising :)

Can I bring my Shisha?

Yes you can, we permit these outside your rooms or in the Majilis area only. Please ensure you supervise the surroundings of your shisha as there will be dogs running freely around as well as children on occasion.

Can I do a fire pit?

You can light a fire on camp but it must be done in the allocated fire pits on site, under no circumstances do we allow fire pits to be done on the ground or in the sand due to fire risks.

What time is check in and out?

Check in is strictly after 3pm.  We require plenty of time between guests to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization.  Please do not come before this time as you will not be allowed on site as we provide a personal check in service with each and every guest to show them around the site etc.  Check out is by 12 noon (midday).

If I want to go and explore Ras al Khaimah during my stay and cannot take my dog, can you look after him or her?

Yes we can, our kennels at Homely Petz are also onsite, we can offer Doggy Daycare if you wish to go out.  Do not under any circumstances leave your dog un-attended in your accommodation, this will lead to an instance cancellation without refund.  If you think you may use this facility ensure you remember to bring along your dog's vaccination book.  Additional charges apply.

Is the site completed fenced?

Yes it is, part fenced and part walled, although secure we do ask that you supervise your children and dogs at all times as it is a desert environment.  If dogs are persistent and not supervised there is the possibility of digging out under the fences.

Can I play music?

You are welcome to play music either in your accommodation or at the communal Majilis Area, please respect your fellow guests and hosts (who live on site) in keeping the volume sensible.  We have the right to ask you to turn the volume down or turn it off if it is seen to be disturbing others. We recommend that loud music is turned down to a respectful level by 10pm.

Do I need a 4x4 car to get to you, is there any off road driving?

You can get to us in any type of car, there is no off road driving and there are roads all the way to the entrance of the site.  If you are bringing your own tent, the pitches are approximately 75 metres from the parking area with 50 metres of that sandy.  Free parking also as well as disabled parking if needed (let us know in advance so we can reserve an appropriate spot).

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