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Beit Ash-sha'ar is Arabic for "House of Hair," the Bedouin Tent.

The Bedouin tent is associated with nomads and wanderers, having a mobile home that could be pitched up anywhere was key for the Bedouin people to seek water, food for themselves and their camels.  The word Bedouin in Arabic translates to "people of the desert."


The hair (the black outer layer)  is typically goat hair and takes hours to make and weave by hand and is a good insulator against the extreme heat and cold that the desert land has to offer, before air conditioning was introduced the Bedouin Tent was not a bad way to cope with the extremes of temperatures.

Our tents are made similar to those of days of old but also have a metal structure to allow for more strength and longevity, they have the goat's hair outer layer and we have also chosen the typical rich red pattern that decorates most old and modern day Bedouin tents.  Each tent is air conditioned, can sleep up to 4 people, has a refrigerator, chest of drawers with mirror.  To keep the Bedouin spirit alive each tent also has its' own set of Majilis cushions to lounge on.

Each tent has its own "Wet Room" this is a toilet/shower combined, it is not en suite and each is private to the guests of each room. 

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