rest and play

Whether you are here on your own, with family or friends, bringing the dog along too or just looking for some simple time out.  There are plenty of things to do in between the chill times if you choose to, take a look below.

Games, games, games

Traditionally games have always been associated with camping.  Each tent has a selection of board games including Monopoly, Jenga, Chess, Risk etc.  There is no WiFi onsite due to our location so be prepared to go back to good old fashioned self-made entertainment.


The benefits of playing board games is well known for bringing people closer together, improves brain function, teaches you to be patient and helps reduce stress and encourage laughter. Get a box out and play either inside your tent or outside in the fresh air.

There is plenty of space to bring your own games along, if you wish to bring a football of other outside games there is plenty of space for you to use and spread out.

bbq & firepit time

Camping would not be complete without the obligatory BBQ dinner, bring your own food along to put on the barbecue all set up ready for you to use.  Finish up your evening under the stars in our outside Majilis area for great company, snuggle with your dog and discuss how big the universe really is around the fire pit.

star gazing

Under our big sky, enjoy the twinkling of the universe above you.  Download a "star gazing app" and work out where the Big Dipper or Orion's Belt is.  We do have a telescope on site for our serious gazer guests, just ask, we will be happy to guide you on the stellar world gazing back down on us. 

not just dogs

Our two elderly horses welcome you on arrival, Marisol and Atlanta enjoy a little pampering with carrot treats and if you're lucky get to see them having their weekly wash or out for their exercises. Tip: bring some Polo's along, they love 'em!

We have resident giant tortoises who most of the year can be seen sunbathing and also enjoy organic treats and a bit of attention, ask about feeding time and come meet them.

To encourage a healthy garden we also have a Bee Hive on site to help our plants pollinate, the hive is well away from the tents and public areas although if you wish to take a peek let us know.

koi pond

Take time out next to our Ornamental Koi Pond, take a book, meditate or simply gaze out across the pond to the mountains and soak up the atmosphere of clearing your head or chatting with a friend, let your dog paddle in the pond or explore the garden, with the babble of the pond and pond reeds swaying you will surely re-charge your batteries and unwind.

explore the dunes / go for a stroll

We have nearly 10 acres of secure dune area to walk across. With a fenced in location this ideal for both dogs with limited recall and children who like to race ahead and see for themselves the wildlife hidden away.   We have Gaff Trees and dunes; in the evening go on a mini-night safari with your torch to check out tracks and look for nocturnal critters.  

kids stuff

There is plenty to do for kids.  Although there are no planned activities we do offer a number of things to keep the little glampers occupied.  

Treating the horses - bring some carrots and apples along and to spoil our old mares.

Feeding the tortoises. - bring along some cucumbers and chinese cabbage, afternoon times are great to see the tortoises come up     from their burrows.

Scavenger Hunts  - aimed at 4-10 year olds, we have various hunts for you and your child to go find nature things on site and tick them off on their sheet.  Includes Nature Identification and Sensory hunts.

Egg Hunt - go and visit the ducks and chickens and see if you can find any eggs to take home or cook on site. 

Buy the Field Guide to the Emirates (available in your room) for AED102 and do your own nature trekking.

Learn to cook over a BBQ, introduce your kiddy to the art of cooking under the skies.  We have both a large Barrel BBQ or smaller, kid height BBQ's to help cook the evening meal.

Have a go at making S'mores and cooking marshmallows over the open fire on the fire pit.

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